1. Safety

The smoothness of asphalt pavement gives vehicle tires superior contact with the road.  Water drainage also means there will be less ice come winter, resulting in fewer chances of people slipping and falling on your property. Asphalt also has better skid resistance and better visual distinction for lot markings.

2. Noise Reduction

Simply put, asphalt is the quiet pavement. Traffic volume is reduced by 50 percent or three decibels.

3. Sustainability


Asphalt pavements are among America’s most recycled products. Asphalt is able to be repaired and patched over long stretches of time, thereby making your investment a long-term one, with maintenance.

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4. Timely

Asphalt can be installed quickly and requires minimal maintenance, which helps you keep your parking lot open to customers.

5. Increased Property Value

Improving the exterior of your property can provide an increase in the value of up to five percent.