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Lite Load Asphalt, a Grand Rapids Paving company, is hiring! We are a hard-working, locally owned company that treats our employees as they should.  You will not find another Grand Rapids paving company that is the same.  We are a tight-knit group that is dedicated to our jobs and families.  We want what is the very best for our clients and have pretty high expectations.  However, that is what makes us one of the superior Grand Rapids paving companies in West Michigan.  We work locally for the municipalities as well as community projects and new sub-divisions.  

When our clients contact us, they know they will get a respectable and honest Grand Rapids paving company.  And, that is what we expect from our employees as well.  Be on time, honest and friendly.  We are out there in hot conditions that aren’t always pleasant but we are there for a job.  But, we are there because we love to work with our hands and build something beautiful.  We are a company that works hard and at the end of the day is proud of what we have accomplished.  We are here to help build our roads, and commercial parking lots and repair pavement.  We are dedicated to skill and knowledge and are family owned and operated.  

Our Team

We have been in business for over 20 years and are not a fly-by-night company.  Our team is dedicated to asphalt repair and installation and believes in hard work.  This is not a job for the weak, as we will be lifting, loading, moving, and working.  But, it is a job that you can be proud of.  It is a job where you can show others what you have accomplished with your team!  There are many commercial parking lot installations throughout Grand Rapids that we have achieved.  This is why we do this kind of work, we are proud of the work we do and it shows!

Have the skill to be a leader?  Become a paver operator with us at Lite Load LLC and you will see all that being a leader or a capable team is all about.  We work hard to hire only the best at what we do.  We believe that it is our teams that make us a superior grand rapids asphalt company.  The business depends on its workers as much as the workers rely on the business.  We offer overtime for anything over 8 hours a day.  And, you will receive weekly paychecks.  Working with Liteload, we treat you respectfully and believe in a fair wage for an honest day’s work.  

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