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Parking lot paving Grand Rapids can help you restore your parking lot to look new again.  Parking lot paving in Grand Rapids will increase your curbside appeal and give your business a fresh new look.  We offer parking lot paving in a variety of options depending on circumstances.  Parking lot paving Grand Rapids will make your parking lot and the front of your building look new and inviting again.  If you have a parking lot that is less than desirable then getting a fresh coat has never been easier.

We work with business owners as well as commercial building owners to get your parking lot paved properly with the proper stripping as well. We want to see nothing but a beautiful asphalt parking lot installed in the city of Grand Rapids and surrounding areas.

Whether your asphalt paving project is in the greater Grand Rapids area or any of the surrounding West Michigan communities including Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, East Grand Rapids, Caledonia, Holland, Spring Lake, Rockford, Grand Haven, Hudsonville,  South Haven, and Gun Lake. Lite Load Services asphalt paving wants to be your Grand Rapids asphalt paver of choice.

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Parking lots get a lot of abuse, especially in the winter.  There are pools of water that settle and expand and contract over time with the weight of many cars on them.  This can cause potholes and other issues that we see every day.  Just the roads in Michigan, and our parking lots are devastated by the extreme weather conditions we have here.  That’s why we have more road issues than most other states.  However, we work on the roads and help clean them up year after year.  We are a professional asphalt company that is dedicated to getting our clients beautiful roads and trails.

We have worked on many commercial parking lots as you can see from our website under “projects”  these are a sample of the asphalt projects we have completed.  When we work with a company, we start by asking a few questions.  Your project is taken care of on an individual basis.  What your expectations are, the budget and so much more are important to help us better service your job.  We work with clients from all walks of life and understand that their needs are all a little different.  Some parking lots will get a lot of use, even in the back, while others won’t.  Here we can save some money by working together to cover what you need to be done.

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Let’s take some time to go over your parking lot paving Grand Rapids needs today. We offer superior service and are dedicated to the asphalt industry of West Michigan.  We have worked with countless businesses to get their parking lot safe and usable again. Should you have questions, we have a team of experts that can answer all of them.  We are a small family owned and operated company that has been in business for over 20 years.  We have worked on the roads of West Michigan for a long time and will continue to do so for quite some more time.