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Parking Lot Pavement Assessment

Parking Lot Pavement Assessment

You should always engage in the process of assessing the parking lot by evaluating its structural elements such as paved pathways, grass areas, elevated spots, and signalized spaces.  You want your parking lot to look inviting and have people want to park in it.

After all, you have a lot of investment and it’s important to get it right. Let’s take a look at how to do a pavement assessment.

Things to look for in a pavement assessment

When you own the parking lot or just have your business there, you want the parking lot to be inviting.   This is why you have to pay attention to the pavement assessment and ask yourself what elements of the parking lot will make it look inviting. To do this you need to take a look at the parking lot as a whole and evaluate its structure so that you can figure out what makes it look inviting. This is also a good time to evaluate whether any elements of the parking lot need to be addressed.

Parking Lot Color

The color of the parking lot should be a nice black color.   This is one way to make the parking lot look inviting. Black in parking lots looks inviting. There are different reasons why the black color of the parking lot is appealing.  However, it also means that your parking lot asphalt is healthy.  A light gray parking lot shows signs of wear.    The asphalt is a bit worn, so the parking lot needs some TLC.

The color of the asphalt also contributes to the look of your parking lot.  One of the good options for improving the color of your parking lot is to add a layer of asphalt over the asphalt that is already in place or have your parking lot seal coated.

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Parking Lot Assessments in Grand Rapids, MI

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Crack Size

In Michigan, cracks are going to happen.   Cracks are a natural part of asphalt paving.  They are going to grow and grow over time until they might even be there forever.  This does not mean that your pavement is failing though, but rather that it is the nature of the material being used for the pavement.  Once you have a crack, you will need to have that filled so that it doesn’t grow and become a larger problem.

Drainage Issues

If you notice that you have puddles or standing water in a certain area of your parking lot, that means that it has become uneven.    The areas that are more heavily used will wear out more quickly than the spots that people park in less often.  This uneven wear and tear on your parking lot can actually be a safety issue as it is a hazard to drivers who can lose their traction on the spot they are parked on.  There is also the issue of health and safety related to drainage issues in your parking lot.

Nobody likes to park in huge puddles.  If you have a lot of standing water you should address the issue with your local asphalt company Lite Loads Services LLC.

Being able to dry out your parking lot by using asphalt is an important issue for any business owner to deal with.  The right asphalt can help you keep your parking lot in good shape for years to come. Lite Loads Services LLC is a custom asphalt contractor that can help you address any issues you might have with your parking lot.  We will work with business owners and commercial property owners to get your parking lots looking their very best.

Asphalt is a valuable asset to any business, but one that you have to take care of properly in order to ensure that it lasts.