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Holland Paving Company

Holland paving company is here for you to get your next Holland parking lot installed as well as building and repair the roads.  We work with municipalities for road repair as well as the installation of parking lots and parking lot repairs.  Lite Load Services LLC has been in the area doing this for at least 20 years.  Our team is a solid team of asphalt laying experts.  We have all of our own large construction equipment that helps us get the job done in a timely fashion.  Getting your new parking lot installed in Holland has never been easier. Give Lite Load LLC a call.

We are an asphalt contractor that is located in Hamilton MI. We work in the asphalt world for a long time.  Let us help you decide what type of asphalt you need for your project. Yes, not all asphalt is the same.

We are here to help you repair your parking lots, install your subdivision roads, and complete road repairs in all of West Michigan.  We work within Holland as well as other West Michigan cities such as Grand Haven, Muskegon, Grand Rapids, and more.  If you are a city looking for road repair, Lite Load Services LLC is happy to help.

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Grand Rapids Asphalt Company

Road repair Holland MI

We all know that the roads in Michigan are horrible.  However, we have worked with the cities and states to repair the roads in Michigan.  Our goal is to give you roads that will last for years to come.  While road construction is a necessary evil, we do work hard and fast to ensure that your lives are affected as little as possible. Our goals are to have good signage and warnings should there be lane closures so that traffic can continue to move in a swift fashion. Our road construction services are top-notch.

Commercial parking lot maintenance Holland, MI

Do you have a commercial parking lot?  Businesses with rough-looking parking lots lose business.  People will go to another place to give their business should the parking lot not be well maintained.  Parking lot maintenance in Holland, MI is something that we also offer.  We work with Holland business owners to put in a parking lot without causing business loss.  We will strategize with you so that your employees have parking as well as your guests during the parking lot installation.  Parking lot installation and repairs are important to ensure that you don’t have any lawsuits due to the parking lot as well.  Potholes don’t go away on their own.  In fact, they only get bigger.  Let our team of experts help you with your commercial parking lot repairs and installation today. Read More.