What is Cold Milling & Why Do We Use It?

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Cold milling is the act of taking the asphalt surface off from the road with a self-propelled machine.  It is often referred to as pavement milling or cold planing.  It can be done on both parking lots and roads.  During this process, we will remove the surface level or we can also remove the entire surface.  This is called a full depth removal.  There are many reasons for offering cold milling such as damage to a parking lot or road.

The process of cold milling

By the use of a heavy-duty piece of equipment called a milling machine or cold planer, the pavement is slowly removed from the surface.  While this is being done the pavement is okay to drive on.  You have probably seen this from time to time.  This machine has a large drum that has cutters on the side to cut the pavement while the drum grinds it up.  There is a conveyor belt that is attached that will carry away these chewed up pieces.  Water is typically applied to the drum as it works to keep it cooler.  This process is a very hot process and keeping the machine cool is important.  This will create a very rough surface that may contain some gouges.

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Recycling Asphalt

One of the main reasons for milling asphalt as it can be hauled away and recycled.  Milling is done when the surface is very bumpy or old, perhaps there are some missing pieces.  Milling is a very safe way to clear off the surface of the asphalt to give it a whole new surface.  This is a wonderful way to get a new looking parking lot with less expense.

Mirco milling is another form of pavement milling.  Micro milling is the same process but with a drum that has more teeth that are more compact, allowing for better control.  This is used when the surface is to be smoother than it would be in a typical pavement milling.

If you have questions about our milling practices and need assistance, give us a call.  We are always happy to chat about our asphalt milling services.