Asphalt Root Damage

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As you can probably guess, root damage is a major problem in parking lots. Unfortunately, it is also a huge problem in driveways and the surrounding areas. Be sure to check out these tips for preventing root damage in your parking lot or driveway.

While the best course of action is to not plant trees, sometimes they were already there.   If so, make sure to remove unwanted tree roots from your parking lot.

Another problem that occurs in parking lots is cracks in the pavement. This can be caused by various issues, including drought, freeze/thaw cycles, and heavier traffic during the winter months.

To prevent cracks, keep the parking lot free of excess moisture and water thoroughly in the winter.  The Winter months are the worst on parking lots.  However, we digress, let’s get back to lo0oking at ways to prevent tree root issues.


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Small tree roots

Smaller tree roots are usually a bit easier to repair and take care of.  These can be done by digging out the roots and using various saws to cut them up.  This will keep the roots from causing other issues later on. Then fill in the root hole with the soil. And, prepare for a patch in your asphalt.  Contact us for asphalt repair.