Asphalt Pavement is paving the roads of West Michigan

Asphalt Roller

Asphalt Pavement is paving the roads of West Michigan.

Asphalt is produced by binding sand, gravel, and stone with crude oil or asphalt cement.  It is used for a variety of surfaces but the main ones we work on are our city roads, highways, commercial parking lot installation, and of course asphalt repair. There are a variety of ways to repair asphalt such as:

  • Patching
  • Resurfacing
  • Mill and Fill
  • Throw and Roll
  • Crack Filler and Seal Coating
  • more.

Lite Load Services LLC will take the time to determine what caused the damage.  Sometimes it is a simple patch job that will take care of the issue.  However, many times there is more to it, such as a full-depth patch.  This patch is where they will dig out the area to treat the issue at its core.

Sometimes it is simply the top layer that is the problem.  When that occurs then we can mill off the top layer and resurface the road or parking lot. If you are looking to fix your private roads or parking lots, we can certainly help.  We work with many of the municipalities in the West Michigan area and are happy to work with yours as well.

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Grand Rapids Asphalt Company

Paving West Michigan

As a Holland asphalt company, we have worked on many of the Holland MI streets.  We help keep your roads safe and secure.  We have also worked as a Grand Rapids Asphalt company as well.

Most people know what asphalt pavement looks like. It is the black tar-like roads that we have across this great nation. These roads are the connection to the next town, city, or state.  Here in Michigan, they are in constant need of repair.  But not many understand why we use Asphalt over other building materials for our roadways.  The main reasons are cost, durability, and good under weather conditions.  While Michigan roads endure some of the worse weather conditions out there.  It is important that we use a material that can expand and contract with the extremes.