Asphalt paving can be on roads in parking lots or even schools.  We work with many different people and agencies to get their asphalt installed on a regular basis.  When you are looking to install asphalt for your parking lot, look not further than Lite Load Services LLC.  Lite Load Services LLC is dedicated to bringing you the proper asphalt installation possible. We will go over your project and suggest the best option for your unique situation.

Asphalt paving is the process of applying asphalt material down.  Asphalt is made up of asphalt oil, sand, and rock.  The oil in the asphalt comes from crude oil and acts as a binding agent for the rock and sand.  Asphalt is actually what is left over after all the other more valuable components have been extracted from the oil material.  It is basically a by-product of the refining industry.

There are various types of asphalt paving:

Asphalt surface patching – This is done to help repair the surface of the asphalt in times when the rest of the surface is actually okay.  Because we live in Michigan, you see patching done quite often.  This will buy the owner some time to afford a proper resurfacing later.

Asphalt Overlay-This is simply adding another layer on top of the current surface. This allows us to skip the tear-out process and yet, you will have a nice new-looking surface.   This can only be done if the underlying part has a good foundation.  It is not meant as a band-aid.

Asphalt for New Construction – When there isn’t a paved surface already there, we can build that surface from the ground up.

Excavation and replacement – There comes a time when there just isn’t any other option.  The very foundation of the asphalt surface is compromised and it will need to be torn out and replaced.

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Our Asphalt Paving Services:

The majority of our asphalt paving market is commercial and industrial clients.  In fact, that is who we cater too as they are the larger jobs that keep us busy.  We do and have done smaller driveway jobs in the past and are happy to take a look if we have time. We are a larger asphalt company that has contracts with various municipalities and have worked with many commercial building business owners as well.

For the most part we offer our Asphalt paving services to Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, East Grand Rapids,Caledonia, Holland ,Spring Lake, Rockford, Grand Haven, Hudsonville, and South Haven and Gun Lake.

If you are looking for some new road construction or paving for a subdivision, we can help. We work with clients to get their parking lots looking like new again and municipalities on roadwork.  We are located in Hamilton, which is near Holland and Grand Rapids and work in those areas for the most part.  However, we have been known to branch out a bit to other various parts of the area as well.  Let’s take a look at what asphalt paving project you have coming up and see what we can offer.