Lite Load Services LLC, an Elite Choice for Road Repair in Michigan

Sealcoat Repair

Lite Load Services LLC, an Elite Choice for Road Repair in Michigan  

Road repair is critical in Michigan because of severe winters, and your roads may have cracks and holes at the end of the winter season. So, if you need expert contractors who can fix cracks and holes to strengthen your asphalt, Lite Load Services LLC, is the best pick for you. Because we provide quality repairing services within your budget and with a big team, it is easy for us to provide you with repair services on time.  Read More.

We provide a variety of road repair services in Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, East Grand Rapids, Caledonia, Holland, Spring Lake, Rockford, Grand Haven, Hudsonville, South Haven, and Gun Lake. Let’s have a look at different services and when and how they can be beneficial for your roads. We are the leading Grand Rapids Asphalt company in the area.

Pothole and patching services        

Any weather condition can cause potholes, and they need immediate repair to avoid future loss. This road repair is not expensive but the best way to keep road strength and avoid future damage. Pothole and asphalt patching do not mean installing a new surface, but they are essential to deal with future problems. 

Our road repair experts have shown very satisfactory results, and we do it in different phases. The team of our experts will visit your site to identify broken areas. We have saw cutters for square cutting to avoid other parts damage, and after that, we install the asphalt layer and seal the edges. 


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Seal Coating Services

Usually, people think that seal coating just add beauty to asphalt surfaces, but it is an essential component of road repairs. Sealcoat protects roads from sunlight, ice, oil, and gas. So, it usually saves you from the horrible effects of snow on your roads. Seal cot makes it easier for you to clean the road. You may have listened wrong about seal coating that its wastage of money but it adds strength and increase the life of your roads. 

We are experts at road repair, and our experts look at your roads to find out any cracks or holes. Our experts think that it is critical to fill cracks or holes before seal coating to improve the efficiency of sealing. We spray a mixture of asphalt and water on the surface and then apply gravel.